Scent Bomb

ScentBomb® is an Essential Oils based air freshener making it extremely effective without any irritating or overpowering side effects.

The spray is ideal for use in the car, around the home and great in bins and bathrooms - anywhere a fresh fragrance is required. ScentBomb® is particularly popular with smokers and pet owners as well as people who work in their vehicle, such as Taxi and Food Delivery Drivers.

With just one to two sprays of air freshener in a vehicle lasting about 48hrs, ScentBomb® truly offers great value for money. A single bottle can last a consumer up to six months! Additional sales come in two forms – customer referrals and customers keeping multiple bottles and fragrances close to hand.

The branding and sales message are clear and concise. Brand recognition is very strong even in a crowded marketplace. Customers ask for ScentBomb® by name!

The core product in the range is the 1oz. spray bottle. ScentBomb® is packed in a CDU of 20 pieces. There are two different mixed CDUs available, each containing 4 x 5 of the most popular fragrances. The Organic Can and Hanging Circle paper air freshener complete the range.

All packaging has been tailored for the European marketplace. CLP regulations are catered for and MSDS supplied.

Try ScentBomb® today and see why its growing fanbase won’t use anything else!!


Designer Fragrances Blast Cans are perfect to freshen up not only any space, but are also suitable as a freshener for clothing, footwear, carpets, sofas and much more.

Blast Cans are high pressured CFC-Free Aerosols with added sanitising and odour eliminating properties so they are great for use as an all-round freshening-up product.

Here comes the science bit.…the sanitising element in Blast Cans is derived from ethyl alcohol and not biocides and the can itself is 100% recyclable.

Blast Cans: Air Freshener & Sanitiser



Freshway brings you the latest trends in air fresheners from across Europe. With attractive and eye catching packaging, great fragrances and long lasting scents, Freshway is a proven leader in its category.


Little Trees

The iconic Little Tree is Irelands #1 selling car air freshener.

The best selling New Car and Black Ice fragrances are supported by a host of new and ever changing fragrances.

Available on handy 24 pk Clip-Strip with single or mixed fragrance and now on a new mixed fragrance 288 pk floor display stand.



The FRSH Scents® mission is to make life’s journeys better. We bring FRSH design and the world’s finest fragrances to keep your space looking good and smelling FRSH. Plus, through our partnership with The Plastic Bank, every FRSH Scents® product on average pays for the equivalent of 3 plastic bottles to be collected and recycled. Discover more at